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14014 Park Ave Dolton, Illinois, 60419-1098
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Add Captions To Your Images, It's 100% Optional

Add captions to your images, it's 100% optional

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Hey, Look We Are Super Cool

Hey, look we are super cool

Welcome to the Village of Dolton Online. This web site is intended to help you find basic information about the village and its services, the people and places of the village and some history.

Dolton has a wonderful history, scenic neighborhoods, a diverse and rich community, a wide range of religious and business institutions, a full range of services from our expansive parks to our fulltime police and fire departments.

Welcome to the Village of Dolton Online and to our village.

Thank You

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Village Hall To Be Renamed

Village Hall to be Renamed

The Village Hall municipal building will be renamed in honor of former…

Mayor Predicts Movement On Ethnic Museum

Mayor predicts movement on Ethnic Museum

Dolton -- Mayor Shaw, members of the Village Board and Village Hall,…

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