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14014 Park Ave Dolton, Illinois, 60419-1098
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Hey, Look We Are Super Cool

Hey, look we are super cool

Welcome to the Village of Dolton Online. This web site is intended to help you find basic information about the village and its services, the people and places of the village and some history.

Dolton has a wonderful history, scenic neighborhoods, a diverse and rich community, a wide range of religious and business institutions, a full range of services from our expansive parks to our fulltime police and fire departments.

Welcome to the Village of Dolton Online and to our village.

Thank You

Recent News
Get Prepared For A Happy Holiday Season

Get Prepared for A Happy Holiday Season

Where is the best place for the women of Dalton to find the most attractive clothing and outfits they can have to wear during this coming holiday season?¬† While the stores in the local shopping mall and the major dealers in Chicago are obvious spots…

Things To See In Chicago

Things to see in Chicago

Giant skyscrapers, jazz bars and sandy beaches... There is everything for everyone in Chicago. Whether it's the Loop District - Downtown Chicago area, shopping avenues in Chicago O'Hare, or the beaches of the Michigan Lake, it is impossible to not fall in love with this…

Village Hall To Be Renamed

Village Hall to be Renamed

The Village Hall municipal building will be renamed in honor of former Dolton Mayor and community leader, Thomas E. Harper during ceremonies set for this December, 2001. Harper, who passed away on Jan. 10, 2001, served as mayor for one term, and also as the…

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